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Curriculum Vitae

Using a CV to present and promote your applications involves presenting yourself in a way that stimulates the reader’s interest and curiosity enough that companies invite you for an interview.

It is of vital importance that your CV is tailored to the prospective employer and to the position you are applying for.

Bear in mind that on average recruiters spend around 30-60 seconds on the first reading of a CV. It is therefore crucial to get their attention and communicate the most important information quickly and concisely.

Content:  the content is organized under general topics which vary in importance depending on an applicant’s personal and professional history as well as the requirements of a prospective employer.

Language:  CVs can be written either in English or in Italian, but should be written accurately and correctly. CVs written in English will focus the search to those vacancies within companies that operate internationally e.g. the export sector.

Release: it is essential to add a signed privacy release to your CV: “I hereby consent to the use of my personal data in line with Italian Legislative Decree No. 196/2003”.


As well as “substance”, “form” also plays an important part: your CV must be brief, clear, consistent, linear, fluid, complete yet concise, effective and appealing! Punctuation, spacing, fonts and layout, italics, bold type and underlining should all be used with this aim in mind!

CV in Italian

CV in English

Covering letter

Your CV should always be accompanied by a brief covering letter. This letter is the first means of contact and paves the way for your CV and in no more than half a page it should make reference to your personal details, company information and two or three key considerations in relation to the position you are applying for e.g. aims, strengths etc. The objective of the letter is to catch the reader’s attention and entice them to go on to read your CV and it should not simply be a repetition of your CV itself. It is also advisable to address the letter to a specific person rather than to the company in general. Your covering letter should be addressed directly to the company you are applying to and it should be clear that you are specifically interested in the company and give proper reasons for your interest.

Your covering letter can be written either in English or in Italian.