Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Setting up an internship


It is important that all those involved in an internship programme have a thorough understanding of the relevant regulations:

Accordo tra il Governo, le Regioni e Province autonome di Trento e Bolzano, sul documento recante "Linee-guida in materia di tirocini" (CSR del 24 gennaio 2013): State and Regional guidelines regulating academic and professional internships

Nuovi indirizzi regionali in materia di tirocini (D.g.r. 25 ottobre 2013 - n. X/825) - novembre 2013: new Lombardy Region guidelines for internships

D.d.u.o. 5 novembre 2013 - n. 10031 - Nuovi indirizzi regionali in materia di tirocini - Disposizioni attuative: Regulations for the implementation of the new Lombardy Region guidelines for internships, containing the minimum standards for the drafting of agreements and training programmes for internships

Legge 24 giugno 1997 n. 196: the so-called “Pacchetto Treu” (Treu package) – Article 18 regulates academic and professional internships, and sets out principles and general characteristics

Decreto Ministeriale 25 marzo 1998 n. 142: sets out implementation methods contained in Article 18 of Law 196/97 and  presents the regulatory framework for academic and professional internships

Legge 24 settembre 2011 n. 148:  conversion into law of Law Decree No. 138 of 13 August 2011. Article 11 provides that extracurricular internships can be undertaken by undergraduates or graduates within 12 months of graduation and can be of a maximum length of six months, extensions included.

Please be aware that for internships carried out on sites outside the Lombardy Region the specific regional regulations currently in force will be applied.

For further detail on regulations:

Corte Costituzionale, Sentenza n. 287, 2012: curricular internships and non-curricular professional externships fall under Regional regulations

Circolare del Ministero del Lavoro n. 4746, 14 febbraio 2007: the circular states the definition that curricular internships are internships promoted by individuals and training institutions for their own students and pupils who undertake them in order to alternate periods of study with periods of work.

Legge 28 giugno 2012 n. 92: the “Fornero Reform” sets out the objective of preventing improper use  and refers back to the State-Regions Conference for the definition of shared guidelines regarding academic and professional internships,  including a definition of  a “fair” remuneration.


Internships are set up exclusively through the Career Service portal.

Once companies have registered via this portal, they can draft an agreement for academic and professional internships.

Those involved in the setting up of an internship are:

  • the host organization
  • the intern
  • the university tutor (each faculty appoints an internship tutor who students and companies can refer to regarding organisational and academic aspects of internships carrying credits).

There is a simple guided procedure to follow to fill out the Formative Plan so that students and graduates of Università Cattolica can undertake their internship, whether curricular or professional. The system generates emails explaining what steps to take.



To apply for an extension of an internship of up to a maximum of 30 days or to notify early termination of an internship, there is a specific procedure to be followed via the portal.

Benefits and/or remuneration - in line with the provisions of specific current Regional regulations, the Individual Formative Plan must show the amount to be paid to extra-curricular interns and state the method of payment. Such payment and any other administative fines resulting from non-compliance with said regulations are to be borne by the host organisation.