Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

One-to-One career advice and Job interview simulations

You can go through a simulation of the whole selection process (in italian language). Starting with a career guidance interview, you can then present your CV to an expert recruiter and simulate tests used by most employers during the recruitment process. You will also be able to get advice on how to improve your online visibility.

Career guidance interview: "Shape your job. Are you looking just for any job or are you looking for your job?” (ASSOCIAZIONE PROSPERA). Professionals will give you starting points to think about so that you can identify specific personal and professional requirements that you can use to shape your job search and understand the sector you are aiming at.

CV Point: "Turn your CV into a self-marketing tool" (GI GROUP). Guidance on writing your CV and covering letter.

Mock Interviews (UMANA). Career guidance interviews and simulations of individual job interviews.

Assessment Center (ADECCO). Structured presentations and self-presentation; group dymanics and an explanation of aptitude tests. Results and feedback to participants.

My Personal Branding (GRUPPO DE PASQUALE). Individual advice to improve your online visibility.

Our activities are in italian language and free of charge. Simply register yourself online on the events page.